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Your success in school: 5+ Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy

Knjiga je namenjena učencem, starim 9 let in več, najstnikom.

Če ste starš, dajte to knjigo svojim otrokom. Knjiga je polna vsebine, ki jim bo pomagala pri učenju, hitrejšem pomnjenju snovi, pridobivanju in ohranjanju motivacije za učenje, postavljanju ciljev, obvladovanju upravljanja s časom učenja in še več.

Poslovi se od dolgočasnega učenja in slabih ocen ter pozdravi šolski uspeh! Pospeši, izboljšaj svoje učenje in postani opolnomočen in zadovoljen učenec,dijak!

The book is for students older than 9 and up, and for teenagers.
Say goodbye to boring studies and bad grades, and say hello to school success! Accelerate your learning and become an empowered, honorable and happy student!

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Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy!

Kazalo knjige (Table of Contents)

Chapter 1. Start Right Here and Read Me First

  • Here We Are and Off We Go
  • Good Begun Is Half Done
  • The End! 
  • Bonuses and Book's Accompanying Website
  • Great Things Rarely Come from the Comfort Zone
  • The Program Cool Learning – “K.U.L.S.K.O.” Learning
  • Action, Steps, Work, and Success

Chapter 2. Learning, School Success, and the Himalayas Share Something

  • Beginning and Preparation
  • Start and Keep Going
  • Continue Walking until You Reach the Top

Chapter 3. Learning Environment for Your School Success

  • Main Place for Learning 
  • To Change or Not to Change the Learning Place
  • The Desk for Success 
  • Inspiring Items on or Near Your Desk
  • The Wall and Colors around Your Learning Place
  • Conditions in the Environment for Learning Well and Successfully

Chapter 4. Wonderful and Powerful Brain

  • The Brain Is Super Powerful and Precious
  • Brain Food 
  • A Privilege – A Good Night’s Sleep 
  • Environment and Rituals for a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Brain Fitness
  • Activate the Body – Activate the Brain
  • Art and Creativity as Brain Fitness

Chapter 5. Motivation

  • First Activity for Success
  • Important about Motivation
  • The Motivation Exercise
  • Motivation and the Brain
  • The Mental Hooks and Power of Knowledge
  • A Variety of School Subjects for Whole Brain Benefits and Motivation

Chapter 6. Motivation, Learning Skills, and Personal Qualities

  • Improving Learning Skills and Motivation
  • Motivation and Development of Personal Qualities and Skills
  • 5 Higher Motivations
  • People in School Could Boost Your Motivation 
  • Curiosity and Relating Learning Topics to Your Life
  • When There Is No Motivation

Chapter 7. Manage Your Time and Reach Your Goals

  • Time
  • Your Heart's Desires and Goals
  • Shaping Your Goal
  • "Target Attained" Exercise
  • Who Says You Can't?
  • Different Goals
  • Important Acts for Achieving Your Goal

Chapter 8. Master Your Time By Planning Ahead with Creating a Study Schedule and Overcoming Distractions

  • Plan Well
  • Weekly Planning
  • A Weekly Plan Example
  • 5 Tips for Your Weekly Plan for Improving One Specific Subject
  • The Example with a Table
  • Monthly Study Schedule for Exams
  • Reverse Learning Planning
  • 5 Proven Tips on How toRemove Distractions and Manage Time

Chapter 9. School Grades and Overcoming Fear of Evaluation

  • Interesting and Important Thingsabout School Grades
  • The Initial Process of Correcting Grades
  • 10 Suggestions and Solutions for Better Grades
  • Mindset, Beliefs, Self-Talk, and Improving Grades
  • Fear of Evaluation 
  • Useful Tips to Master Fear of Evaluation in School
  • The Power of Visualization – 5 Exercises to Relax and Overcome Fear

Chapter 10. Structure and Effectiveness of Learning 

  • 5 Tips on How to Learn a Lot Already in School
  • Verified as the Best Recipe for a Good Learning Result
  • Homework
  • 5 Options to Learn with Every Day's Short Reviews
  • 5 Phases for Structured and Efficient Learning
  • 5 Top Ways to Actively Recall, Repeat, and Consolidate the Content
  • Learning Time Units and Learning Breaks

Chapter 11. Your Super Memory & Outstanding Class Speech & Learning Types

  • Wonderful Universe of Memory
  • The Memory Pyramid
  • 9 Tips to Have Outstanding Class Speech - Part 1
  • 9 Tips to Have Outstanding Class Speech - Part 2
  • Find Your Learning Style with Best Learning Approach
  • Combine Learning Styles and Use Your Senses to Memorize

Chapter 12. How to Learn Creatively

  • Creativity and Creative Learning
  • 5 Ways with Associations
  • Mind Maps
  • 5 Examples for Cards in Two Envelopes
  • Spatial Distribution of Information or Loci Memory Techniques
  • 7 More Creative Learning Techniques -Part 1
  • 7 Creative Learning Techniques - Part 2

Chapter 13. Creative Learning Techniques with Arts as a Means of Expression

  • Ideas for Learning Creatively with Art Tools
  • Images and Films Are Memorable
  • Learning with a Story
  • Associate Numbers with Images in a Story or Movie
  • Learning a Foreign Language with Art Tools Can Be Fun
  • Art Tools and VAK

Chapter 14. How to Feel Incredible – Feelings and Emotions for Success in School

  • Happiness
  • Investigating and Relating to Happiness
  • Wisdom about Emotions
  • Practical Suggestionsabout Emotions and Feelings
  • Teens and Emotions
  • What about Anger?
  • 7 Tips to Calm Down Anger and Other Upsetting Emotions

Chapter 15. How to Be Happy Every Day

  • 7 Lifestyle Tips to Feel Incredible
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • 5 Activities to Start to Be Happy Today 
  • 5 More Activities to Boost Your Mood in Relation with Others
  • The Plan of Activities to Increase Your Joy and Happiness
  • Great Yet Simple Plan of Activities to Increase Your Joy and Happiness
  • Our Journey – Connect with Me


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